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Hot and cold water testing and monitoring

Carried out by Sterilizing Services Ltd, an established company that's recognised for the efficiency and expertise of its engineers. Call our office in Nottingham to discuss our nation-wide solutions.

Peace of mind for property owners

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Water monitoring and analysis, in line with L8 standards, can ensure that your supply continues to be safe for staff, visitors, and all individuals who may use the water in your building. 


Based in Nottingham, Sterilizing Services Ltd have been offering these services for over 30 years, meeting the needs and requests of clients far and wide. We're appropriately trained, highly knowledgeable, and are recognised by SafeContractor, The Legionella Control Association and the British Safety Council for reassurance that we have the expertise for the job.


No stone left unturned

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Our water monitoring services include:

  • Weekly flushing

  • Monthly temperatures

  • Quarterly shower head descale

  • Quarterly shower head disinfection

  • 6 monthly calorifier flushing

  • Temperatures checks

  • Annual visual inspection of cold water storage tanks

A logbook will be supplied to allow us to keep a record of all monitored parameters, which is ideal for landlords and business owners who may need proof of meeting various required regulations.

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Water testing done right

There are many reasons behind calling on Sterilizing Services Ltd for water testing. You may have recently bought a property with a private well or borehole, or perhaps have an old storage tank that you think may have seen better days. Whatever the thought behind your requested sample, we're happy to help. 

With all samples being analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory, we can offer detailed reporting on single item or group testing for:

  • Legionella

  • Bacteria counts 

  • E-coli

  • Coliforms

  • Lead

  • Copper


Keeping your water system safe

Call 0115 972 1667 to connect with the team at Sterilizing Services Ltd. We'll help you plan for a one-off water test or implement a regular monitoring plan.