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Water tank cleaning and disinfection carried out by a team you can trust

Leave the dirty work to the trained engineers at Sterilizing Services Ltd. Allow our proficient team to leave your water storage system, pipes and mains gleaming.

Promoting the lifespan, efficiency and cleanliness of your water system

Serving Nottingham and the UK for over 30 years

Without your knowledge, the systems used to store and transport your water could be acting as the perfect setting for bacteria, grime and dirt to take over. Regular inspections and cleaning by Sterilizing Services Ltd can stop those unwanted contaminants in their tracks, promoting cleaner, safer water.

Irrespective of the size or layout of your building, we can conduct comprehensive treatments that tackle every corner of the system. In addition to our various accreditations and qualifications, we're confined space trained, meaning access is never an issue for us. Simply book your inspection, and we'll take care of the rest.


Effective disinfection solutions

Legionella Risk Assessment: Services

Water mains and system flushing

When it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your people, it is imperative that the water they may use or drink is free of pathogenic organisms. Storage, sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation and filtration of water, both individually and jointly, reduce the number of bacteria in the water to a certain extent, however Sterilizing Services Ltd aims to enhance this further with system flushing. 

This process will help to remove sediment from pipes and the water's mains, to maintain water clarity and quality throughout its journey to your tap. 


Eliminating potential contamination risks

Construction, maintenance and repair of water main systems are all essential to ensure properties across Nottingham and the UK continue to enjoy an efficient water supply. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these activities they can present a contamination risk, which could prove detrimental to your building. 

Sterilizing Services Ltd can step-in following any repair task or building development which may have involved the water system, such as a new build or extension, to undertake thorough disinfections and water treatments.


Convenient and flexible services

Prior to your water system cleaning appointment, we'll provide an initial site visit which allows our engineers to assess your system's current condition before providing an inspection.

We'll work around your schedule and undertake all work when convenient for your business or home. We hope this should limit any disruption caused by our services, so you can concentrate on your daily activities without interruption.


Prioritise the health of your water users

With water tank cleaning, disinfection and our exceptional water treatments. Call Sterilizing Services Ltd on 0115 972 1667 for more information.

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