Legionella risk assessments - keeping the UK's water users safe

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Combat against harmful bacteria and keep everyone in your property safe

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Legionella is bacteria commonly found in water. Given the right conditions - nutrients and temperatures between 20-45°C - this harmful germ can multiply, causing a major health risk to anyone ingesting or inhaling the infected water unknowingly. Sterilizing Services Ltd works efficiently to check all hot and cold water systems and identify any areas of concern. 

With over three decades of experience, we're proficient in identifying potential risks and have the knowledge needed to advise on and offer the correct remedy should an issue be found. 


Comprehensive checks for peace of mind

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What does the assessment include?

  • Visual inspection

  • Rigorous checks and tests on all water systems throughout the building 

  • Identify potential hazards

  • Assess the level of risk and those who could be affected

  • Recordings captured for review/assessment confirmation

  • Recommendation of control measures and actions to take


Our assessments satisfy the requirements of L8's codes of practice, the control of legionella bacteria in water systems, designated by the Health and Safety Executive.


Concerned about a potential legionella contamination?

We recommend that you stop using your water and consult Sterilizing Services Ltd right away. Our experienced engineers are committed to offering prompt response and experience-led guidance that puts your mind at rest. 

By conducting routine checks, legionella risk assessments and cleaning, we work to decrease the chances of the system harvesting unwanted bacteria. 


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